A boutique consulting agency in the Greater Vancouver Area that specializes in equipping empathic leaders.

Business Consulting

Want to transform your business? We can help.

Business Coaching

Need to make changes but not sure how to get there? We can help assess the needs, develop a strategy, and implement your strategy and measure concrete goals.

Leadership Development

Leading is about connecting with people in your organizations, not merely providing directions.  When you are able to truly connect with others and understand them in a multitude of ways, this allows you to become a great leader with the power to motivate and empower the greatest assets of your organizations – your people. Leaders must develop a heightened awareness of their own behaviours, and how they are perceived by their peers.

When fully aware of themselves and others that they work with, strong leaders can create lasting impacts on people around them – those who look up to them, those who are mentored by them, and that is beyond just their organizational roles.  When one fully understands his or her personality, it can form the cornerstone for successful leadership development.

When leaders can consistently utilize their strengths and deal with challenges effectively, they are empowered to better lead others.

Immerse Consulting uses the Birkman Method amongst other tools to assess individuals and teams in our leadership development program.  We customize our programs to fully address the needs and goals of each company and individual client.

Public Speaking

Andrew is passionate about inspiring anyone he meets. As an accomplished public speaker, Andrew can cater to any events to share his insights, life story, experience, and skills. Andrew can travel across the West Coast to speak at seminars, workshops, conferences and more.

Organizational Development

One of the major obstacles to forming successful teams is effective communication. Within every team, members must adapt to effectively engage with each another, to tackle problems together, and achieve team goals. For teams to maximize their success and results, there must be mutual understanding and respect between members.

On top of mutual respect and communication, strong teams can consistently utilize the unique strengths in their group and help all of the team members feel comfortable in their team’s settings and culture. Through knowledge of their own behaviours, triggers and motivations, individuals can bring calibrate themselves to their best conditions and bring their strengths to their teams.

Immerse Consulting enables team members to embrace the differences that make the team unique. We combine tailored professional coaching with The Birkman Method program to create platform for effective communication within teams and enables individuals to understand each other’s behaviors and needs. By establishing a solid foundation, teams can improve their emotional intelligence and effectiveness, leading to greater results.

Birkman offers both individual and group reports. Group reports compare the behaviors of up to 100 team members, allowing for comprehensive and in-depth insights.

Birkman Assessments

We can provide Birkman Assessments which can help you understand yourself better as an individual, as a couple, a family, or help transform how you and your team work together in business.

Empowering empathic leaders

Worked with businessmen, businesswomen, professionals, people at risk, as well as underserved individuals, couples and families

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