Our Methods Work

With proven methods, years of diverse experience working with large nongovernmental organizations, combined with tools such as Birkman©, we are well equipped to help you tackle life’s biggest problems.

We help you gain clarity so that you can:

  • Have a solid work-life balance
  • Achieve stronger bottom-line
  • Attract the ideal clients

We work with clients who are seeking their passion in life, both personally and professionally. When you work with Immerse Consulting, we can help you discover motivation, inspiration and confidence, then structure the next steps towards an even better life.

Our ideal clients include:

  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Gen Y’s
  • People in transition (in career and in life)

Immerse consulting is a prominent leadership development, coaching and consulting firm in the Metro Vancouver area, specializing in equipping empathic leaders across Canada and United States. Our headquarters and main training office is located in Ladner, British Columbia, Canada.

Andrew Neufeld

Principal Consultant
BA, MC, RCC, Certified Birkman Consultant

Andrew is a co-founder of the award winning integrated health agency, Alongside You. He is an experienced counsellor, coach, consultant, educator, entrepreneur and speaker with over 10 years of experience.

We will help you challenge your status quo, brainstorm solutions to problems in life, hold you accountable, unlock your untapped potential, and help you get to where you want to be.


Andrew’s diverse educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Religious Studies from the University of British Columbia, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Theology from Regent College, a Masters in Counselling from Trinity Western University and a certification in The Birkman Method®.

His versatility has him engaged in founding multiple businesses, having worked as a photographer and a multidisciplinary counsellor. He is able to relate to business owners from all kinds of backgrounds.

Throughout Andrew’s career, he has worked with businessmen, businesswomen, professionals, people at risk, as well as underserved individuals, couples and families – you name it.


Andrew’s unwavering passion for mental health betterment has also seen him working and collaborating with organizations such as:

  • VGH, Surrey Memorial Hospital, Richmond Hospital, Delta Hospital, Peach Arch, Lion’s Gate, St. Paul’s Hospital, BC Children’s, BC Women’s, Sunny Hill, Abbotsford, Langley, UBC Hospital, Eagle Ridge, Burnaby (training staff, collaborative care planning: part of planning team and leading teams; consulting)
  • Covenant House Vancouver
  • Fraser Health Authority
  • Cedar Springs Counselling
  • Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia
  • Trinity Western University
  • Emergency Response Team – Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Adler University (Vancouver Campus)


Andrew enjoys working with clients from many different backgrounds and he has worked with thousands of individuals as well as hundreds of couples and families. He has helped people who are struggling in various areas of life and those who are looking to invest in their own future, as well as the future of their loved ones.

Outside of work, he is very involved with the community. He is involved with Duncan Africa Society, Rare Disease Foundation, Cedar Springs Counselling, Delta Division of Family Practice, and Ladner Baptist Church.


Andrew is a lifelong musician, and a car nut so he’d likely be a professional musician, or a race car driver if he did not become a counsellor. He has had the opportunity to get a taste of both in his life and while he wouldn’t find them nearly as rewarding as what he gets to do now, he could be convinced to do them in his retirement!

Andrew loves driving performance cars, listening to and playing music, and spending time with his lovely family. His family is his life, and he can’t wait to see them at the end of each day.


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